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  1. And it’s a big, warm welcome to the next stray kitten!


    26/07/2020 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Yet another stray kitten lands at the James household…

  2. Apple blossom!


    10/05/2020 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    So, it’s come to this: a blog post solely featuring pictures of the blossom on the apple tree in my …
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  3. Bonnie, birds, blossom, and a bit about the next book


    26/04/2020 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James finishes his next novel, but that’s nothing compared to everything else going on in the James household

  4. Spring in my garden


    12/04/2020 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Maple buds opening out…

  5. 1 November in Poland (2019)


    01/11/2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Some shots of how most Polish cemeteries look this evening

  6. Peak summer


    04/08/2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    There must come a moment in each season, unknown and probably unknowable, when that season reaches its apogee, the maximum …
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  7. Going on vacation and coming back with a stray kitten


    14/07/2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Meet the newest member of the James household…

  8. Some summertime shots


    30/06/2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    It is remarkable to think that we are already halfway through 2019.  I’m not sure where the time goes, only …
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  9. Blue tits are nesting inside my apple tree!


    19/05/2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James manages to get a picture of newly hatched blue tits

  10. Easter in Poland


    20/04/2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James summarises Easter in Poland

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