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  1. Three years of gratitude

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    August 28, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Repulse is three years old today

  2. Peak summer


    August 4, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    There must come a moment in each season, unknown and probably unknowable, when that season reaches its apogee, the maximum …
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  3. Some summertime shots


    June 30, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    It is remarkable to think that we are already halfway through 2019.  I’m not sure where the time goes, only …
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  4. Pictures of apple and pear blossom

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    May 1, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Sending #Gratitude to my readers

  5. Thanks for reading

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    March 16, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor


  6. Spotting smart-arsery in your writing


    February 24, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James makes an example of himself. Again.

  7. An Important Public Service Announcement Regarding Tea


    January 28, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James shows you where to find decent tea at a reasonable price

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