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Chris James is the critically acclaimed author of Repulse: Europe at War 2062–2064, the history of a future war between NATO and the New Persian Caliphate, and a series of companion novels called The Repulse Chronicles.  The first three books, Onslaught, Invasion, and The Battle for Europe have been published, and Chris is currently writing The Repulse Chronicles, Book Four: The Endgame.  Chris has also published the ground-breaking science fiction novels Dystopia Descending and Time Is the Only God.

Chris is an occasional lecturer in English at Warsaw, Prague and Krakow universities, and a full-time language trainer to many. Chris lives in an agreeably anonymous and nicely forested suburb of Warsaw, Poland, with his Polish wife and their three children. To contact Chris, click here.

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Book Five: The Race against Time – out now!

Book Four: The Endgame

Book Three: The Battle for Europe

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