1. Predictions for 2018 (Living in the Age of Stupid)


    January 1, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Now that 2017 has slid into the more repugnant end of the cesspit of history, Chris James asks what the coming year might have in store.

  2. Merry Christmas (and a Cautionary Tale)


    December 24, 2017 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    I’d like to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas. Wherever you are in the world, I hope in your world there is only peace, safety and happiness.

  3. Dystopia Descending goes live

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    December 16, 2017 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    If you’re one of the millions thousands hundreds handful of people who pre-ordered Dystopia Descending, the novel is now live …
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  4. Bits and Pieces (a kind-of update)


    December 1, 2017 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    First things first: if you’re one of the 84 people who read one of my books in November, then thank …
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  5. Documenting the New Motorway, #2: The Bridge and the ‘Before’ Shots


    November 5, 2017 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James finds out how the S2/A2 highway is coming along in his neck of the woods

  6. Alchemy


    October 28, 2017 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    So my 2010 novel Class Action has now become my 2017 novel Dystopia Descending—but why?  Since the modest success enjoyed …
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  7. More Autumnal Colours (and a bit about the next book)


    October 15, 2017 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    A long walk in the forest today yielded some more nice pictures of the changing colours among the trees, and yes, …
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