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  1. You know it’s summer when…


    June 3, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    You know it’s summer when…

  2. Rhododendrons, roofs, and people whom one does not refuse

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    May 14, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    One of my favourite parts of spring is when the rhododendrons bloom, because the bumble bees they attract are very …
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  3. Spring arrives, bringing beautiful blossom and… 11 chickens


    May 1, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James does some home improvements to make a home for 11 chickens

  4. A Frog Orgy and Some Crocuses


    April 9, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James and family go to visit some crocuses and end up witnessing an orgy!

  5. A Pitiless Pitstop


    March 31, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James lands back in hospital at an inopportune time…

  6. Documenting the New Motorway, #4: Piling up

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    March 11, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Today I returned to the same places which I photographed on January 14 to see how things are coming along …
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  7. Winter Visitors

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    March 3, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    This week has seen temperatures plunge as the “Beast from the East” has swept across Europe, causing particular disruption in the UK.  Here in Poland, we have a special word for this kind of weather.  We call it ‘normal’.