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  1. Documenting the new motorway, #11: Cruising on the carriageway


    July 19, 2020 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Security around the new bridge gets ever tighter.  The car in the second photo below contained two very fed-up-looking chaps …
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  2. Documenting the new motorway, #10: The whooshing deadline


    May 17, 2020 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    One of author Douglas Adams’s most endearing quotes concerned deadlines: “I love the whooshing sound they make as they go …
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  3. After 22 years, we’ve got a road


    March 30, 2020 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    When we moved here in 1998, Mrs James and I never really expected our local authority to build the road.  …
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  4. Documenting the new motorway, #9: The bridge on Izbicka street


    February 9, 2020 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    On the first sunny day in ages, Chris James takes another look at the new motorway in his neck of the woods…

  5. Documenting the New Motorway, #8: Panic at the Bridge?


    September 22, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    For the first time since I began posting occasional updates about the new A2/S2 motorway extension two years ago (and …
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  6. Documenting the New Motorway, #7: The Overpass for the Forest Animals


    June 20, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    As Corpus Christi is a bank holiday in Poland, I thought it was high time to post something here after …
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  7. Documenting the New Motorway, #6: The Bridge Takes Shape


    March 31, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James catches up with the new motorway bridge over the Vistula

  8. Documenting the New Motorway, #5: Rising Columns

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    September 30, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James shares his latest photos showing how the S2/A2 motorway extension is coming along

  9. Documenting the New Motorway, #4: Piling up

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    March 11, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Today I returned to the same places which I photographed on January 14 to see how things are coming along …
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  10. Documenting the New Motorway, #2: The Bridge and the ‘Before’ Shots


    November 5, 2017 by ChrisJamesAuthor

    Chris James finds out how the S2/A2 highway is coming along in his neck of the woods

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