Publication day for The Race against Time


30/04/2022 by ChrisJamesAuthor

If you pre-ordered the Kindle version my new novel, The Repulse Chronicles, Book Five: The Race against Time, then it should’ve arrived on your device today. There’s not a great deal for me to add apart from to say ‘Thank you’. As always, I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Race actually transpired to be a challenging novel to write. In the 11 months since The Endgame published last year, I have had to manage family and professional issues both large and small, including a bereavement that was as unwelcome as it was, perhaps, expected.

In addition, events in central Europe since 24 February have, I think, affected all of us to some degree, placing a context on our own lives and the twists and turns of fate to which each of us can be subject, especially without warning.

In any event, spring has arrived and Mrs James’s tulips are in bloom. The Race against Time has made it to #1 in Hot New Releases in the UK, and #2 in the UK Hard Science Fiction category today. And that’s thanks to you.

Thank you for reading and be safe.

10 thoughts on “Publication day for The Race against Time

  1. acflory says:

    I’ve got mine! -waves the Kindle in the air-
    Congratulations, Chris. You deserve this. Reblogging on Meeka’s Mind.-huge hugs-

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  2. […] can read Chris’ post about The Race here, and garden lovers can also check out some truly gorgeous photos of tulips (grown by Mrs James). […]

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  3. Many congrats. I came here from Andrea’s site. She never steers me wrong. It’s wonderful to hear of your success. 🙂

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