And it’s a big, warm welcome to the next stray kitten!


26/07/2020 by ChrisJamesAuthor

Well, this is starting to get a bit farcical.  Earlier this week, Mrs James and Youngest Daughter went to the Mazurian Lake district for a few days.  There they were, cycling along a country lane, two kilometres from the last village and another two kilometres until the next one, when they stopped for a drink of water.  Out from the field bounds another tabby kitten, certainly no older than the kitten to which Bonnie gave birth nine weeks ago, miaowing to be given a home.

Kittens seldom stray far when they’re this young, so it’s a fair bet that he was dumped.  Just think, somewhere in the lake district there’s a fox or a bird of prey who missed out on a tasty snack.  Meanwhile, this is the third stray tabby to wind up in my house in just the last year.  Blimey.

Anyway, say hello to Joey (three guesses) and here are some shots of Bonnie’s kitten, now called El Matador (don’t ask).  There are also some shots of current visitors to the garden, now in full bloom.













3 thoughts on “And it’s a big, warm welcome to the next stray kitten!

  1. acflory says:

    Man! I’ve lost count. How many in total now??? Btw Joey is adorable too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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