More autumnal shots and the newest member of the family arrives


October 20, 2019 by ChrisJamesAuthor

Yesterday the newest member of the family arrived, and he doesn’t even have a name yet.  As with all of our pets, he’s a rescue animal that, judging by his reaction to men he doesn’t know, has had some trouble in the past.  I’ve started working on him with lots of hand-fed reclaimed meat and strokes and cuddles, and he’s already calming down.  Take a look at these photos of him and if a name jumps out, please let me know in the comments below:




Elsewhere, this morning saw a glorious sunrise with a deep blue sky.  I grabbed my camera and tried to capture what I could, including a woodpecker that I caught in mid-batter and which ignored me as I snapped away.  As last year, the weather is far too mild for October in Poland, but the colours are again outstanding.








7 thoughts on “More autumnal shots and the newest member of the family arrives

  1. Lovely images. Name for this chap? ‘Tober – he’s FALLen on his paws. 😉

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  2. Fantastic autumnal forest shots! As for the new family member’s name, perhaps “Blanko” would be a possibility? Meaning “White” in Esperanto, which is the constructed international language forged in Poland, “white” could hint at famous “White Fang”, the dog’s long way home and attempts to be tamed by a man


  3. acflory says:

    That second photo of your dog yawning? He looks a lot like Pavarotti going for a High C! Maybe Pav for short. 😀

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