Further Evidence of Autumn


October 7, 2018 by ChrisJamesAuthor

1This is the time of year when I am most grateful for living within a 20-minute drive of the centre of a European capital city (depending on the traffic, natch), yet right next to thousands of hectares of forest.  Like so much in life, we can’t see the actual process of the changes taking place around us.  Only by repeated observation can we evidence that the colours of the leaves do in fact change.  It’s the same thing with seeing your children grow up: this week, Eldest Daughter passed her driving test at the first attempt.  I told her how proud I was of her, that she should be proud of herself (although to bear in mind that she still doesn’t have too much actual driving experience), and then gave her a playful clip round the ear for making me feel old *sigh*

So, here are some more autumnal photographs, taken today.  And because this morning I had Crazy the dog with me, at the end are a few photos of her doing her favourite thing: chasing the sticks I throw 🙂













3 thoughts on “Further Evidence of Autumn

  1. acflory says:

    The colours are stunning, esp. for someone coming from Australia where we don’t [usually] see autumn colours. But I have to say, the dog…the dog stole the show. Such a happy grin!

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